Add a menu item to context menu of PDF files

On August 16, 2010, in News, by admin

We just add a menu item to context menu of PDF files. When you click on a PDF file and click right menu, then on the context menu you will see a menu item named “OverPDF – Convert PDF to image”, after you select this item, OverPDF will convert the PDF to JPG, JPEG(or other image format you selected in the PDF to image converter first).

This give you big convenience when you want to convert PDF to JPG, JPEG you don’t need to start up PDF to image converter. Just right click the PDF files and select the menu item, then the software will do the job for you and convert the JPG, JPEG files on the current directory.

The output image will be as same as the converter. So if you want to convert PDF to GIF, then you can select the output image to GIF in the PDF to image converter. This works for all formats like PNG, BMP, etc. We also add two menu item under “Tools”, which can let you add or remove the context menu item from the PDF files. You can easily config to fit your needs.

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