Customer questions:

  • How do we specify JPEG quality? Sometimes we need a lower quality in order to keep file sizes low.
  • How can we specify the output filename? We do not want it to be “first named” as the original PDF file.

I am looking very much forward to your swift reply. Thank you in advance.  🙂
It would be great if you could supply an additional option or parameter called (for instance) “pfn” for “prefix filename”, thus enabling us to define the first part of the file name preceding the subsequent number sequence.Example: pdftoimg -i “C:\test” -pfn “outputfilename_” -apn %03d

This would result in the following output files:


Our answer:

We have add two options to the command line version

-pfn prefix file name, e.g. “output_”
-qlt output file quality, from 0 to 100, e.g. “90”

C:\Program Files\OverPDF PDF to Image Converter>pdftoimg -i “C:\test\2.pdf” -pfn “100_” -apn “%04d” -qlt “100”

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