PDF Suite for Mac

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PDF Suite for Mac is toolkit about PDF files. PDF Suite for Mac has following functions:

1.PDF Attribute: Edit PDF Attribute include PDF Title, PDF Author, PDF Subject, PDF Creator, PDF Keywords.
2.PDF Extract: Extract selected pages from one PDF to another PDF.
3.PDF to Image: Convet PDF file to JPG,BMP,GIF,PNG and TIFF.
4.PDF Insert: Insert image file to PDF. Supported image files include BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF.
5.PDF Merge: Merge several PDF files to a single PDF. Drag & drop to reorder the PDF file list in the PDF Merge.
6.PDF Sort: Reorder page orders in the PDF.
7.PDF Split: Split one PDF file into two separate PDF file.
8.PDF to Text: Convert PDF file to text.

Version 1.11:
Drag & drop to reorder the PDF file list in the PDF Merge.

Version 1.12:
Add an option to merge PDF alternately.

Version 1.20:
1.Bug fix about rotate right and left.
2.Add a delete page button in PDF Sort.
3.Support Drag & Drop PDF files to the PDF merge table.
4.Redesign the UI to make it more easy to use.
5.Open PDF once and make multi-change on it.

Version 1.21:
Support merge image files to a PDF file.

Version 1.22:
Support right-click on a PDF and have it open with PDF Suite for Mac.

Version 1.23:
You can just save one PDF’s form filler content.
Select the file if you want to save its form fill content.

Version 1.24:
Support Drag & drop PDF file to PDF View.

Version 1.25:
Make an option to set the save PDF destination as the source when regarding the attribute modification.

Version 1.26:
Fix crash bugs on 10.6.8.
Add an option which can split PDF pages alternately.

★★★ Bug Fix & Feature Request ★★★
If you’re having problems, please email us at support@cokesoft.com
We will fix bugs and add features for you as soon as possible.

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